It’s been a long time since my last post and I apologise for this. It’s been a busy first part of the year and Betsy and I are trying to pace ourselves.

One of the things we get asked about are the products and tools that we use. This month I am going to show you what I depend on to create vintage hairstyles.

The myth is that you need a lot of tools and products, I say rubbish. I use 2 combs, 1 brush, 1 hairspray, a set of tongs I have owned since I was 20, hot rods, a triple barrel iron and a miniature crimping iron.  I also use 3 different types of grips and 2 types of pins. I do like a hair shine to give a vintage finish but I am yet to find the perfect one.  I always have pincurl clips and metal section clips to hand for the all important fingerwave. I depend on just one brand of hairspray and in 25 years of hair styling I am yet to find one better. I also use a gel spray and setting lotion which have proved reliable when creating looks for the theatre.I also like a dry shampoo and although I have tried cheaper versions, the original that I used in my school days is still the best brand.

Recently I purchased a blow dryer with a brush attached, first used in the 1970s but currently making a come back. This has been particularly helpful when working in our pop up parlours and has also been a bonus since I had a fringe cut in at Christmas.

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Let us know what products and tools you like to use.

Next time Betsy will share which brushes and make up she likes to use.

Thanks for listening.

Jeanie x