Jubilee Weekend

The wonderful thing about being involved with the vintage scene is the passion and enthusiasm others bring to every occasion.

On Saturday 2nd June Betsy and I found ourselves at our regular haunt The Vintage Tea Party and Gift Fair. Fellow stall holders adorned their stalls with red, white and blue. Bunting, table cloths and patriotic material decorated both inside and out.

Our customers included old clients, new clients and stall holders off out on an evening of Jubileetastic fun.


                                                        Jubilee Celebrations



On Sunday I was invited to be part of the Now, Voyager make over team. We all met for the first time in a damp but very green Battersea Park. Despite the weather people were in a celebratory mood and queued up for Now, Voyager make overs. Now, Voyager’s take on the victory rolls are individual and cute.  It’s great to work and be inspired by other creative people and I had a wonderful day.

As we were leaving we heard a familiar beat…..on the main stage, the last act of the day gave it their best to the last ones standing. The Noisettes, one of my favorite bands. Fantastic! I will never forget you! And I will never forget my Jubilee weekend.