Ruthie Henshall 1997

Chicago has been in the Westend for 15 years now, but sadly this week it received its notice and the final curtain will fall on September 1st.

I was fortunate to be involved with the show when it was at the Adelphi Theatre. Personally it wasn’t one of my happiest. I didn’t come away with lifelong friends, however professionally it took me on to another level.

Set in mid 1920s, during the prohibition era the story covers the trials of two women accused of killing their lovers. Bob Fosse choreography set the scene for many exceptional dancers to showcase their talent.

For me it was a period in hairstyling that I was yet to experience on for the stage. Up until then I had perfected finger waves on Me and My Girl, the 50’s wet set on Grease, 70’s buns and flicks Vietnamese style on Miss Saigon and the 1940’s rolls and bangs (my favourite era) on Sunset Boulevard, to name but a few.

Chicago was a mix of hairstyling, wigs and hairpieces. A pleasure to make hair that is both beautiful and sexy.  In this show the dancers dance with an energy and intensity that can challenge even the best set and pinned hair style.

My own take on Chicago is a bob that I have recreated again and again.

So, it is with a sad heart that the westend community say goodbye to such a great show and I am already anticipating it’s return in the future.


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