August 2012

 Pincurls and Pout have taken most of August off for a well-deserved break.

While Betsy got to go away I have had more of a stay-cation.  Catching up with friends, swimming, cycling and enjoying the British summertime.

I thought I could pack my hairdressing kit away for the summer.  However I have teenage daughters so this is not a possibility.

Watching Tangled recently for the very first time, I heard the words, “Will my hair do that?” I laughed and felt flattered that they think I can even make their hair like a Disney cartoon character.

Ha! My children know me better than I do and unaware that I was being manipulated a seed had been sown.

Two days later, having dug around in boxes under the bed, in the cupboard above the wardrobe, then finally outside in the boot of my car, I discovered four rather tatty hairpieces.  I gave them a brush through and shook them out.  Before I could think about washing them I had weaved them into Eavie’s hair. The clashing colours creating texture and interest to the style.

Eavie’s hand crocheted hair accessories added to the  Tangled look.

If you want to see how it turned out go to http://invisible-eavie.blogspot.co.uk/

I’d like to think that I wont fall for that again…watch this space.


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