Finger Waves


Finger Waves

For anyone who knows my hairdressing, they will know that I love, love, love finger waves and will slip them in to as many ‘dos’ as I can.

But my relationship with the humble finger wave did not start well. Age 16 and in my first year at the London College of Fashion, I was set a homework to finger wave my dummy head over the weekend.

It was frustrating for all who were living with me as well as for me. In the end my mum came to my help under the guise of teaching me!

It was no surprise that the three students who had hairdressers for parents were the only ones with a complete head of waves.

Forward a couple of years and I land my first dream job on Me and my Girl at the Adelphi theatre. I am now 19yrs old and completely green.

Me and my Girl is set in the 1930s hence every wig abundant with waves, flicks and curls. The first three weeks I returned home crying every night ready to throw my dream of working in the Westend away. However, to my surprise I suddenly started to produce acceptable waves and people began to ask who had done such wonderful wigs?

I stayed at the Adelphi for nine months working with some lovely people both on and off the stage. Including the wonderful Bonnie Langford, the sweetest lady who appeared to provide a never ending bowl of chocolate.

Ever since then I have loved doing finger waves (ooh and eating chocolate too)  on hair or wigs. I love using them in both an authentic and contemporary way.

During A Christmas Carol at Chickenshed a few years ago I designed a short, fun waved wig for a female character called Bertie.

Here are a couple of ways to wear your waves.

Next time I’ll tell you how to achieve them on your own hair.

Thanks for Reading.



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