Jeanie Pincurl Creates Waves

I may have mentioned how much I love a finger wave.

When I create waves in a wig I reverse pin curl wet hair using setting lotion. The wig is then left to dry in a wig oven/hot box or under a hood dryer. Once the hair is set, I comb the set out then use galloon or ribbon to pin down the waves. I then spray to set again before removing the ribbon.


However, when setting hair I find that ribbon does not give the same tension and block pins draw blood! So I need to create the waves in another way.

 A short cut to setting the hair is to use a small hot wand to create the curl; this can be wound in to a pincurl and set with a pincurl clip. Gel spray works well to hold the set in place.

Once the curls are set, take out the clips and comb the hair through. The waves then get pushed in to shape, squeezing each wave between two fingers

Using section clips in the direction of the wave can help to create definition.  Gel spray or hairspray sets the hair in to place.

When this is dry the clips can be removed. This should leave a deep-set wave which can be gently gripped to hold in place.

      Hats by Fairheads Headwear

Happy waving!




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