The Humble Beehive

1968,  I was 6 months old, the youngest of three, and my mum still managed to dress her hair in to a Beehive (I must have been an easy baby!)

The Beehive originated in the early 60’s. It was an extension of the 1950’s Bouffant. Backcombing, hair pieces and hairspray were used in abundance. Woman wrapped their hair in a scarf while they slept, not needing to wash or redo for a week.

 Marie Wilson bought back the style in the 80s with her band Marie Wilson and the Wilsations.


More recently the late Amy Winehouse bought a contemporary feel to the style introducing the beehive to a new generation.

This season, 60’s styling in apparent in shops such as H&M, New Look, and even Sainsbury. So if you want to adopt the 60’s look but haven’t found an original outfit why not try shopping on the high street and add authenticity with your hair.

 Here is my take on the beehive.

 Thanks for listening.


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