June has endured the highest rainfall recorded since 1910. Along with wind and humidity this provides, perhaps the worst weather conditions for make-up and hair. Climate change does not care about prom, but we do.  So during a wet, hot and windy week in June Pincurls and Pout set out to make eight gorgeous sixteen year old girls look their most beautiful.

Armed with strong hold hairspray and primer we created traditional, alternative and vintage looks. Plaits, loose curls, finger waves and buns. Heavy eye make-up, flicks, smokey eyes, false eye lashes and more natural looks. Deep purple, mulberry, red, pink and nude lips.

Each girl looked as individual as their dresses. Outfits were from a variety of different places ranging from Top Shop, TK Maxx, Coast and Vintage.

 Take a look at our wonderful young ladies; we hope we made their day they certainly made ours.


Jubilee Weekend

The wonderful thing about being involved with the vintage scene is the passion and enthusiasm others bring to every occasion.

On Saturday 2nd June Betsy and I found ourselves at our regular haunt The Vintage Tea Party and Gift Fair. Fellow stall holders adorned their stalls with red, white and blue. Bunting, table cloths and patriotic material decorated both inside and out.

Our customers included old clients, new clients and stall holders off out on an evening of Jubileetastic fun.


                                                        Jubilee Celebrations



On Sunday I was invited to be part of the Now, Voyager make over team. We all met for the first time in a damp but very green Battersea Park. Despite the weather people were in a celebratory mood and queued up for Now, Voyager make overs. Now, Voyager’s take on the victory rolls are individual and cute.  It’s great to work and be inspired by other creative people and I had a wonderful day.

As we were leaving we heard a familiar beat…..on the main stage, the last act of the day gave it their best to the last ones standing. The Noisettes, one of my favorite bands. Fantastic! I will never forget you! And I will never forget my Jubilee weekend.

Pop Up Vintge Fairs London


On Sunday 22nd April I found myself at a loose end. What better way to spend it than visiting one of the best Fairs in London with my best gals?

Invisible Eavie, Thoroughly Modern Millie and I danced our way to St Stephens Church in Hampstead for Pop Up Vintage Fairs London. We were greeted by Maxine at the door and made our way in to the fair which was in full swing.

Before we could begin exploring we bumped in to Lucy from Lucy Alexander and editor of The Vintage Ragmag, a free magazine showcasing some of the best vintage specialists around.  Lucy has recently returned from New York where she has been searching for original vintage pieces to sell in her shop and on-line at the Asos market place.

 On leaving Lucy’s stall who should we spy opposite? The lovely ladies from A Room in My House and The Vintage Tea Party and Gift Fair showcasing some of their wonderful vintage treasures.

 We managed to drag ourselves away and as we walked down the aisle not knowing where to look, we spotted a lovely new stall with lace, vintage stamps, original necklaces and wooden brooches. Pin up girls, cameras, potion bottles and keys were just some of the accessories on offer from Ladybird Likes. We purchased a moustache on a stick and a moustache necklace for mini Betsy who has just turned 12. Perfect.

 We spotted Daisy, a Pop Up regular and birthday girl, having her hair done by the girls from Beauty Calls. We said hi to other vendors and looked through lots of pretty dresses, bags, gloves and shoes. It was great to see regulars like Retro from Scratch. We spied a wonderful book made from an old scrabble board and know who we will be buying this for next Christmas.

 Someone we have missed over the last couple of months is Zoe from Snaffle Vintage and The Vintage Traders Association. It was great to see her lovely red bob and gorgeous smile. She is also one of our greatest fans.

We made our way to the tea room and met up with Daisy and Salina from Vintage Tea Time. Invisible Eavie and Thoroughly Modern Millie opted for the chocolate cake and I chose a delicious banana loaf. Yum!

Lovely company in a wonderful setting.

Where else in London can you find a Lady and the Tramp skirt alongside a vintage two piece swim suit? A fur stole, a moustache on a stick and a china plate with nudes, whilst being serenaded by The Wayward Sisters?

How lucky are Betsy and I that we get to work alongside such creative and interesting people? Usually we experience this fair from behind the scenes. It’s well organised, friendly and welcoming. However today was all about being a visitor and  Pop Up Vintage Fairs London did not disappoint.

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New Tools!

Hope you’ve all had a good Easter.
Today I purchased some new toys for me to play hair with.  Firstly I was reccommended the new pro style wand and when I saw a mini one at my local hairdressing wholesalers I just couldn’t resist. The mini pro styler wand in gold and black found it’s way into my shopping trolley and I have to say it is amazing.
Once home I grabbed Invisible Eavie and said, “I need a guinea pig.” She had no choice as I pointed my new hot hot hot wand at her. Can you believe that it comes with a glove. After burning myself three times I quickly realised why.
The wand created loose curls in Eavie’s hair, the smaller the section, it gave the same curl as a pin curl set and the larger sections created a loose curled look. When combing out the larger curls it gave the appearance of a mid size roller set.
I have succumbed to a modern tool which can still recreate vintage style hair styles.
My next purchase was a new set of hot rollers. I have had my three sets of rollers for approxiamly twenty years. They have seen me through many shows and wigs. However they have seen better days and although still working perfectly it is difficult to clean them.  Never fear I shall keep them for setting wigs and pieces but my new ones will join my hot rods as part of my kit for hairdressing purposes.
Such luxury, these are velvet and have the right size clips and large clamps to make sure I achieve the right tension needed to create a wet set effect.
Tomorrow we have a date with five sixteen year olds ready to try out different looks for their Year Eleven Prom. Vintage and contemporary we will give them glam and sophisticated looks. I can’t wait to try out my new toys on them. Pictures will follow soon.
Thanks for listening.
Jeanie x


It’s been a long time since my last post and I apologise for this. It’s been a busy first part of the year and Betsy and I are trying to pace ourselves.

One of the things we get asked about are the products and tools that we use. This month I am going to show you what I depend on to create vintage hairstyles.

The myth is that you need a lot of tools and products, I say rubbish. I use 2 combs, 1 brush, 1 hairspray, a set of tongs I have owned since I was 20, hot rods, a triple barrel iron and a miniature crimping iron.  I also use 3 different types of grips and 2 types of pins. I do like a hair shine to give a vintage finish but I am yet to find the perfect one.  I always have pincurl clips and metal section clips to hand for the all important fingerwave. I depend on just one brand of hairspray and in 25 years of hair styling I am yet to find one better. I also use a gel spray and setting lotion which have proved reliable when creating looks for the theatre.I also like a dry shampoo and although I have tried cheaper versions, the original that I used in my school days is still the best brand.

Recently I purchased a blow dryer with a brush attached, first used in the 1970s but currently making a come back. This has been particularly helpful when working in our pop up parlours and has also been a bonus since I had a fringe cut in at Christmas.

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Let us know what products and tools you like to use.

Next time Betsy will share which brushes and make up she likes to use.

Thanks for listening.

Jeanie x

February 2012

This month we have been out and about promoting our skills and meeting new people.

On the coldest weekend known to Pincurls and Pout we joined like minded people in our favourite pub in North London, The Boogaloo on Archway Road.The Vintage Tea Party and Gift fair pops up on the first Saturday of every month showcasing quality hand-made crafts and vintage clothes and homeware. There is also a delicious range of homemade cake to sample including,  Chocolate Guinness Cake, Chocolate Orange and Lemon Drizzle.

We also visited The Library for the first Craft and Vintage Fair on Upper Street. A lively bar with a fun and friendly atmosphere. We had a great position in the window set upon what can only be described as a plinth!

Pincurls and red lips were the requests of the day as ladies headed out for good times on a damp Saturday night.

As we plan our diaries for the up and coming months with requests for parties, proms and weddings enjoy our February gallery which includes a feature in the Hornsey Journal!

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